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Affiliated with the nation's largest paramedical companies, Prime Medical Testing Inc. has been approved for use by more than 900 insurance companies nationwide. Our commitment to you and your clients since 1990 has made us the premier independently owned office in the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles. We understand your needs and respond in an accurate and timely fashion.

Our office in Amarillo features a highly qualified staff who are selected for their training and as well as their public relations abilities. Examinations are performed by thoroughly screened, experienced medical and health care personnel including physicians, RN's, LPN's and certified phlebotomists.

Depending on your requirements and the availability of your client, we can complete your physical at our office, the agent's office, the client's home or business. Exams require privacy and on occasion some where to lie down depending on the requirements of the exam.  We will complete and forward the detailed examination report to you or your home office as quickly as possible. Status is one of our top priorities.

Ask yourself if the present paramedical company you are using can offer:

  • Complete M.D. Examinations
  • Mobile Paramedical Services
  • Mobile EKG's
  • Mobile Timed Vital Capacity Tests
  • Complete Blood Studies
  • Examiners available at the local paramed office Monday thru Friday offering:"No Appointment Necessary" service for your hard to schedule clients
  • Special handling/48 hour scheduling of MD Exams, Cardiologist Exams, X-Rays and Stress Testing
  • Day, Evening and Weekend Appointments
  • Coverage of more than 40 counties in the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandle
  • Contract with the largest national paramed service so we can handle your exams anywhere in the U.S.A.
  • Total computerization for absolute maximum efficiency when handling your exam
  • Dedicated FAX, E-Mail and Imaging service for those "rush" cases to you underwriter


Does your current paramed provider add up?

Will they call you when your client's appointment is scheduled?

Will they call you when your client's physical is completed?

Will they call you within 7 days if there is a problem?