What is DNA Testing:

Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), responsible for an individual's characteristics and genetic pattern is stored within the nucleated cells of a person's body. It is their genetic blueprint. An individual inherits DNA from both of their biological parents. This genetic information is always present, therefore only one person can be the biological mother or father. If any two of the three genetic markers or patterns can be identified, the third can easily be included or excluded in regards to the family lineage.

Prime Medical Testing Inc. can arrange DNA testing for both private use, or for the use of an attorney in a custody proceeding. Often individuals seeking to confirm family lineage with misplaced relatives contact us privately. DNA testing can help in such cases by either including or excluding the individual(s) in question. Attorneys often contact us to arrange DNA testing for the establishment of paternity or maternity in special court cases. Since DNA testing is accepted by the U.S. judicial system, this can be valuable documentation for use in such situations.

Prime Medical Testing Inc. has made arrangements through a nationally recognized laboratory to conduct DNA testing. Specimens are collected by our certified technicians, and sent to these facilities for analysis. Results are normally available within 2 - 4 days through digital correspondence. If the results are to be used in a court of law, notarized documentation will be provided to the individual to be given to his/her attorney.
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How accurate is DNA testing?

  • 99% or greater for inclusion
  • 100% for exclusion
  • DNA testing is accepted by the American Association of Blood Banks.
  • DNA testing is accepted by the United States court system.
  • Results are printed on a legal, notarized document and can be used in court.

What kind of samples is needed?

  • Buccal swab (mouth swab)
  • Blood sample (collected in a small tube)

What is the time frame for results?

  • Upon receiving all samples at the lab, approximate time is 2 - 4 days.
  • Results can be mailed to the client, or an Attorney.

What can DNA testing be used for?

  • Child support cases when a man is not recognizing paternity
  • Adoption cases for a child(ren) seeking his/her biological parents
  • Custody and visitation proceedings
  • Motherless cases
  • Immigration cases
  • Deceased paternity studies (alleged father or mother is deceased)
  • Siblingship cases
  • Grandparentage studies
  • Second opinion testing